Administration Committee -
Regular meetings of Brown County's Administration Committee
shall  occur on  the first Thursday of  each  month  at
5:30 p.m., Room 200, Northern Bldg, 305 E. Walnut St, Green Bay, WI
Aging & Disability Resource Center
All Hazard Mitigation Plan Steering Committee
Appeals Committee
Bay Lake Regional Planning Commission
Benefits Advisory Committee
Board of Adjustment
Board of Health
Brown County Planning Commission Board of Directors
Brown County Public Listening Session
Cable Commission
Children with Disabilities Education Board
Citizens Redistricting Advisory Subcommittee
CJCB System Efficiency Improvement Work Group
Community Options Program Appeals & Planning Committee
Comprehensive Outdoor Recreation Plan Citizen Advisory Committee
County Board of Supervisors -
Regular meetings of the Brown County of Board of Supervisors
occur  on  the  3rd  Wednesday  of  each  month at
7:00 p.m, Legislative Rm 203, Green Bay City Hall, 100 N Jefferson St.
Crime Prevention Funding Board
Criminal Justice Coordinating Board
Drug Enforcement and Crime Oversight Board of Directors
Education & Recreation Committee -
Regular meetings of the Education & Recreation Committee
occur  on the  last  Thursday  of  each month  at 
5:30 p.m, Rm 200, Northern Bldg, 305 E. Walnut St, Green Bay, WI 
(Meeting locations may vary, please check agenda)
Emergency Medical Services Council
Ethics Board
Executive Committee -
Regular meetings  of  the  Executive Committee  occur on
Monday  of the  week  preceeding  County Board  meetings
 5:30 p.m, Rm 200, Northern Bldg, 305 E. Walnut St, Green Bay, WI
Expo Center Open House - Design & Review
Facility Master Plan Committee
Fire Investigation Task Force
FoxComm Committees
Harbor Commission
Homeless Issues & Affordable Housing SubCommittee
Housing Authority
Human Services Board
Human Services Committee -
Regular meetings of the Human Services Committee occur
Wednesday of the week following County Board meetings, 
6 pm, Rm 200-Northern Bldg, 305 E Walnut St, Green Bay, WI  
Land Conservation Sub Committee -
Regular meetings of the Land Conservation Sub Committee
occur  on the  4th Monday of  each  month at
6 pm, Rm 200-Northern Bldg, 305 E Walnut St, Green Bay, WI  
Land Information Council
LEAN Steering Committee
Legislative SubCommittee
Library Board
Library Board - East Branch Facility Ad Hoc Committee
Local Emergency Planning Committee
Long Term Care District Steering Committee
Mental Health Treatment Subcommittee
Neville Public Museum Governing Board
Nicolet Federated Library Board
Northeast Wisconsin Family Care
Northeastern Wisconsin CDBG Housing Committee
Planning Commission Board of Directors
Planning Commission Transportation SubCommittee
Planning Committee 2045 Long-Range Transportation Plan
Planning, Development & Transportation Committee -
Regular meetings of the Planning, Development & Transportation Committee
occur  on  the  4th  Monday  of  each  month  at  6:15 p.m.,
Rm 200-Northern Bldg, 305 E Walnut St, Green Bay, WI (Oct - Mar)  
Duck Creek Center (April-Sept) 
Professional Football Stadium District
Public Safety Committee -
Regular meetings of the Public Safety Committee
occur on the 1st Wednesday of each month at
5:00 p.m, Brown County Sheriff's Office, 2684 Development Drive
Public Safety Communications Advisory Board
Reorg of Lot Owners of Nicolet Memorial Gardens Assoc
Revolving Loan Fund Committee
Rural Specialized Transportation Needs Study Advisory Comm
Solid Waste Board
Supervised Release Committee
Ticket Surcharge with PMI Ad Hoc Committee
Traffic Safety Commission
Transportation Coordinating Committee
Transportation Subcommittee of the BC Planning Commission
Veterans' Recognition SubCommittee - `
Weekly Agenda Schedule