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Crime Prevention Funding Board

 According to Brown County Code of Ordinances 30.02 - Brown County Courts shall impose a crime prevention surcharge in the amount of $20 per count or in the amount as amended from time to time by the state for each count involving a misdemeanor or felony conviction whenever the court imposes a sentence or places a person on probation pursuant to WI State Statute 973.0455. All funds shall be placed in an account for use by the Crime Prevention Funding Board created in accordance with WI State Statute 59.54(28).  The surcharge is used to award organizations and law enforcement agencies for crime prevention programs in the community.

The Brown County Crime Prevention Grant Funding Board is made up of seven members including:Qualified programs or projects must focus on reducing or eliminating either the desire to commit to crime, ability to commit the crime, or the opportunity to commit the crime. The applicants must be non-profit organizations, government agencies or school districts within Brown County. Grant money cannot be given to individuals and cannot be used to supplement funds from an organization’s operating budget. At the conclusion of the grant period, successful applicants must complete a brief follow-up report.

Completed applications should be submitted to the Office Manager of the Brown County Circuit Courts to be reviewed by the Brown County Crime Prevention Funding Board. If the application is approved, the Funding Board will award the funds to a permissible organization for the selected program. The Office Manager of the Brown County Circuit Courts will complete the required end of the year reporting documentation.

There is no grant limit; however, grants generally range from $500 to $3,000 and are awarded twice a year (April and October). 

Grant applications should be submitted to the Brown County Courts Office Manager here:
Submit Grant Application
WI State Statute 59.54(28)- Crime Prevention Funding Board
BCCP Funding Board Grant Process Chart
Grant Application
Grant Budget form (Must be filled out if grant request is over $2500)

Current Members:
Tammy Jo Hock, Presiding Judge of Brown County - Chair
David Lasee, Brown County District Attorney
Todd Delain, Brown County Sheriff
Troy Streckenbach, Brown County Executive
Eric Genrich, Mayor of Green Bay
Derek Beiderwieden, Chief of De Pere Police Dept.
Jeff Cano, Managing Attorney, Green Bay State Public Defender's Office

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- Sept. 1, 2020: Virtual Meeting - See Agenda For Access Information
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- Mar. 30, 2020: MEETING CANCELED