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Electronic Monitoring

 The Electronic Monitoring Program (EMP)
  • The Electronic Monitoring Program or EMP allows inmates to serve their sentence in their homes.
  •  EMP is no different than work release, as the inmate cannot do as they please outside of the home. 
  • EMP inmates are allowed to leave home to work, attend school, do court ordered activities, go to treatment, PO meetings, or other EMP Officer approved locations. 
  • All EMP inmates will have a GPS monitoring bracelet on their ankle at all times. The bracelet cannot be removed unless a medical emergency occurs. 
  • EMP officers must be able to contact EMP inmates at any time of day. Voicemail must be set up on cellphones, and landlines in the home. 
  • If Law Enforcement knocks on the door, EMP inmates must open the door. 
  • Social visits are permitted during EMP; however any misconduct involving police may jeopardize the status of an EMP inmate. 
  • If the EMP inmate comes in contact with any law enforcement officer, they must notify their EMP officer immediately by calling 920-391-6809 and leave a message about the nature of the contact. 
  • Alcohol or illegal substances are not permitted while on EMP 
  • To be eligible for EMP, inmates must be able to pay the setup fee of $50 + tax, and a fee of $23.70+tax/fees per day.