Front of BC Jail
Front of BC Jail
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Captain MichelMeet Captain Michel
The Brown County Jail is led by Captain Heidi Michel. Captain Michel has been with the Sheriff's Office for 27 years. She has a Bachelor's Degree in Criminal Justice from University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee. Captain Michel has worked in each division of the jail, including juveniles, females, Huber, and lock up, as well as a field training officer. In 2001 she was promoted to intake corporal and in 2010 she was promoted to Lieutenant. In 2018 Captain Michel was promoted to her current position as Jail Captain. 

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Lt. TimreckMeet Lieutenant Timreck
Lieutenant Shane Timreck is the Work Release Administrator. He began his career with the Brown County Sheriff’s Office as a Correctional Officer on February 16th, 2019.  Lt. Timreck worked his first year and a half in the Brown County Juvenile Detention Center until he was promoted to Housing Corporal at the Brown County Work Release Center.  In June of 2011, he was promoted to the rank of Lieutenant and worked as a night shift Watch Commander.  In April of 2014, Lt. Timreck moved to the Special Projects and relief Lieutenant which he stayed in until assuming his role as Work Release Administrator.  During his career he has been involved with the Correctional Emergency Response Team (CERT), the Brown County Correctional Benevolent Association, and the Police Officer Support Team (POST).  He is also an active member of the Blue Knights Law Enforcement Motorcycle Club and participate in numerous charity events each year.

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About the Jail

The Brown County Jail has a capacity of 735 adults and 15 juveniles.The  jail currently houses 11 pods broken down into:The jail has approximately 160 sworn and non-sworn employees including:The jail also runs the Electronic Monitoring Program (EMP).
Our Mission

The Brown County Sheriff's Office Jail Division will promote a safe, secure and humane housing facility for all staff, inmates and the community it serves. Brown County is committed to meet or exceed the standards established by the United States Constitution and applicable Wisconsin State Statutes and Administrative Codes. 

The Brown County Sheriff's Office Jail Division is an integral part of the law enforcement community, dedicated to serving all law enforcement agencies in a safe and efficient manner.  

A high level of safety and security will be achieved through the utilization of an objective classification plan, the utilization of positive incentives to encourage good behavior in the inmate population, and adherence to the principles of direct supervision.  
Brown County is committed to providing inmate programs that can lead to personal growth, rehabilitation and reintegration into the community 

These goals will be accomplished by our commitment to maintain sufficient, well trained, professional correction staff and policies and procedures that meet the evolving needs of both the facility and the community.