Front of BC Jail
Front of BC Jail

Inmate Accounts and Commissary Information

During the intake/admissions process, any money a detainee possesses will be placed into an inmate trust account overseen by the jail in accordance with Wis.Stat 303.08(3). 
The inmate trust account can be used for any or all of the following:
  • Commissary program
  • Medical fees
  • Huber fees
  • Pay for stay
  • Jail processing fee 
  • Other authorized disbursements
You can add money to an inmates account in the following ways:Kiosk
  • In person at the lobby kiosk located at the main jail or work release center visitor lobbies
    • There is a $150.00 maximum limit per transaction on the kiosk for deposits and no more than $500.00 in a 30 day time period.
    • The fees for using the kiosk are:
      • Cash transaction: $2.00
      • Debit/Credit card transaction $8.95
  • Online at 
    • There is a minimum payment per transaction $9.95
    • There is a maximum payment per transaction $150.00
    • Fees: $8.95                    
      • **Fees are subject to change at any time. Fees are placed by the vendor, not The Brown County Jail. 
  • Mailed into the jail
    • Must be in the form of a money order or cashier's check-made out to the inmate. 
    • No personal checks will be accepted. 
    • The jail will take 25-100% of the monies deposited to cover any debt the inmate may have
  • Inmates are allowed to purchase up to $100.00 worth of canteen products from our commissary vendor. 
  • These items can consist of stationary products, phone minutes, snacks, clothing, shoes and hygiene materials
  • As a friend or family member of our inmates, Aramark Services offers you the opportunity to order an Icare package.
  • Icare packages are delivered weekly
  • Some choices they can receive include:
    • Burgers
    • Burritos
    • Hot wings
    • Loaded nachos 
    • Chicken sandwiches 
  • Order an Icare package for an inmate- 
  • Upon release form the jail, if an inmate accounts shows a positive balance after all charges have been deducted, a check will be mailed to the address given at booking
    •  We do not issue checks in person
    • This process can take up to 15 business days 
    • If an inmate account is not paid within 30 days, the account will be turned over to a collection agency and/or tax intercept
    • If an inmate would return to the Brown County Jail, any funds they have at the time of booking, may be applied toward the existing negative balance 

Inmate Clothing and Property Information

Release of Personal Property
The following items can be released from your property to an outside person (family or friend):
  • Jewelry
  • cellphones
  • purse/wallet
  • keys
A property release form must be completed and submitted to a correction staff member
  • The release form must include the full name of the person the property is to be released to, as well as the inmate's signature and date.
  • The person picking up the property must provide a pricture identification card and sign an acceptance reciept
  • This property can only be released within 72 hours of incarceration
State Prison
Inmates being transferred to these facilities will go in a jail orange uniform. 
  • The inmate must make arrangements to have all other property not accepted by the system within 30 days of the inmate's departure
  • The inmate must fill out the appropriate property release from the person's full name that is picking up the property. 
  • The inmate must inform this person's to come to the Brown County Jail to pick up the property
  • If any inmate leaving for prison does not at the jail must be picked up at established property pick up times
    • Saturday and Sunday 8:00am-7:30pm
Inmates Clothes Allowed: 
  • 3 pairs of underwear
  • T-shirts
  • Socks
  • Pullover sports bras(may not have any metal parts)
  • Thermal T-shirts and pants
Note: all clothing articles must be mailed in from a reputable company. Brown County Jail will only accept cotton undergarments/t-shirts. No logos/designs will be allowed. If more than the allotted amount is mailed in. the remainder of the items will be donated.

Jury Trial
If an inmate is scheduled for a jury trial, the following process must be followed:
  • The individual dropping off the property will report to The Brown County Work Release/Huber Center, door 10 by the sallyport
  • Staff will only take in one set of clothing including
    • Shoes 
    • Socks
    • Pants
    • Shirt
    • Jacket
    • Skirt/dress
    • Clip on tie
  • Jury Trial clothing will be accepted the day before the trial and the day of the trial only
  • When the jury trial is over, the clothing must be picked up by the individual who dropped it off within 24 hours of the trial being over

Mail Policy

The jail has policies in place to prevent contraband from entering the jail and to maintain security.
  • All upcoming mail must be processes and received through the United States Postal Service.
  • Bulk mail (which is described as advertisements, mailers or catalogs) is not accepted 
  • Inmates are not limited to the quantity of personal mail they may send or receive unless the volume is so great that is results in unreasonable hardship of jail resources
  • All mail must have a return address
  • Loose stamps or in booklet form are not permitted.
  • Personal checks received through the mail will be returned to sender
  • Inmate to inmate mail will not be permitted without prior authorization from the Jail Administration.
  • Exceptions may be made for inmates who provide sufficient documentation as to the need to write
All incoming blank envelopes will require embossed stamps.
  • Any packages containing blank envelopes, with adhesive stamps, will be returned to sender
 In the event the inmates is no longer incarcerated, the envelope will remain sealed and marked "Return to Sender"

Each outgoing letter must have the inmate’s Full Name, (first, last, middle initial) on it as a part of the return address

Any mail not properly addressed will be returned to sender unopened. 
The proper mailing address is: 

First name-Middle Initial-Last name
Brown County Jail
3030 Curry Lane
Green Bay, WI 54311

All incoming and outgoing mail may be opened and inspected, to include the reading of its contents
The exception is privileged mail
  • Privileged mail is mail to and from attorneys, the courts and government officials, sent directly in care of the inmate.
  • Privileged mail must bear some markings that identify the mail as to or from a privileged correspondent
  • Incoming privileged mail may be opened in the inmate's presence to verify sender and check for contraband
  • Outgoing privileged mail may be sealed and will not be opened
Prohibited Mail
  • Inmate mail exhibiting stickers, lipstick, glitter stains or other potentially biohazard substance on the exterior of the envelopes are not permitted and will be returned to the sender
  • No mail containing references to a gang, gang signs, symbols or graffiti will be delivered to any inmate within the facility
  • No drawings of any kind will be allowed on the envelopes
  • Only appropriate photos will be accepted
  • Photos or drawings that show/depict gang signs or containing inappropriate images will not be allowed. 
  • pornography that visually displays genitalia or exposed breasts or buttocks will not be allowed 
  • Anything that the administration deems would threaten institutional security and control will be prohibited 
  • Books in paperback form are acceptable if delivered through a reputable vendor (Barnes & Noble, Amazon, etc.)
  • Newspapers and magazines are accepted only by subscription or through a reputable bookstore and delivered to the jail by the US Postal Service
  • Inmates are limited to 2 magazines and 3 books in their cell due to the limited amount space. 
  • United Kingdom editions of magazines are not permitted
  • materials deemed to be a threat to security, racially derogatory or inflammatory in nature will be considered contraband and will be seized and/or disposed of by policy
  • Any books, magazines or property that does not fit within the inmate's storage container will be considered contraband and seized and/or destroyed 
Other Items Allowed
  • Writing paper and stamped envelopes are available on canteen
  • Inmates may have stamped envelopes and paper sent in by mail
  • The paper must be wireless notebook/legal pad paper