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Sheriff DelainMeet our Sheriff, Todd J. Delain. 

In 1990 Sheriff Delain began his career of service in the United States Army as a Counter-Intelligence Special Agent.  While in the Army he was deployed for the Persian Gulf War and Operation Uphold Democracy in Haiti.  In 1995 he completed his Army enlistment and accepted a position as a Correctional Officer for the State of Wisconsin.  In 1996 he was hired by the Brown County Sheriff’s Office.  As a member of the Brown County Sheriff’s Office he has worked in the Jail and Patrol Divisions as well as the Drug Task Force. Prior to his current position, Sheriff Delain was the Chief Deputy under former Sheriff, John Gossage. He was a member of multiple specialty units at the Sheriff’s Office including SWAT, Mobile Field Force and Unified Tactics Training Team. Sheriff Delain was elected as Sheriff and took office in January, 2019.

Sheriff Delain has an Associate and Bachelor’s Degree of Science in Criminal Justice and a Master’s Degree of Science in Management and Organizational Behavior.  He also has a Graduate Certificate of Achievement in Criminal Justice from the University of Virginia. 

The Sheriff is a graduate of the FBI National Academy 252nd Session and completed the Penn State University Police Officer Executive Development Program.  He has also completed the Missing Children’s Seminar and Exploited Children Seminar for Chief Executives at the National Center for Missing & Exploited Children in Alexandria, Virginia and is the Coordinator for Brown County Child Abduction Response Team.

Sheriff Delain is a Past President of the FBI National Academy Associates – Wisconsin Chapter and appointed to the Wisconsin Department of Justice, Training & Standards Bureau, Leadership and Management Advisory Committee for Law Enforcement.   Locally, he is on the Executive Board of Directors for the Brown County Community Coordinated Response Team for Sexual Assault and Domestic Violence, Brown County Crime Prevention Foundation and Family Services of Northeast Wisconsin. He is also a member of the Desert Veterans of Wisconsin and the American Legion Post 11,  Green Bay.  
Meet our Chief Deputy, Bradley T. Brodbeck.

Chief Deputy Brad Brodbeck started his law enforcement career in 2000 at the Brown County Jail. While at the jail, he was on the CERT team, and was a CERT/POSC instructor. The Chief Deputy moved from the jail to patrol in 2005, where he made his way up the ranks to Patrol Sergeant, and Patrol Lieutenant, before being appointed to Chief Deputy in January 2019 by Sheriff Todd Delain. During his career in the Patrol Division, Chief Deputy Brodbeck was a member of the SWAT team, Unified Tactical Training Unit, as well as a member of the Drug Task Force. In September 2019, The Chief Deputy graduated from the FBI National Academy 277th session in Quantico, VA.

Our Mission

The mission of the Brown County Sheriff's Office is to improve public safety through pro-active, efficient, and professional law enforcement services, tailored to the needs of all people in Brown County
Brown County Sheriff's Office Historical Facts

Brown County has a very rich historical background.Today in Wisconsin, the Sheriff is the chief law enforcement officer of each county and is elected every four years on a partisan ballot. 
According to state law, his/her duties are to enforce the law in the county, take custody of the jail, attend the courts, and serve all processes.​
The Sheriff is responsible to the electorate and can be removed from office by the Governor, and then only for just cause.
Sheriffs of Brown County    Collection of old Sheriff Badges
1818-1829 George Johnson
1829-1836 Ebeneezer Childs
1837-1840 Charles Tullar
1841-1842 David Jones
1843-1844 Seth Rees
1845-1846 Peter B. Grignon
1847-1848 Peter Brunette
1849-1852 John F. Lessey 
1853-1854 Orlo B. Graves
1855-1856 Lorenzo Brown
1857-1858 H.G. White
1859-1860 John F. Lessey 
1861-1862 Danil M. Whitney
1863-1868 George M. Langtoncollection of old badges
1869-1870 Octavian J.B. Brice
1871-1872 George M. Langton
1873-1874 Ephraim Crocker
1875-1876 Gerhard Bong
1877-1878 Daniel Lee 
1879-1880 Arthur Kellogg
1881-1882 Edwin R. Smith
1882          George M. Langton
1883-1884 Damien Geyer
1885-1886 Otto Gutbier
1887-1888 Henry Watermolen
1889-1890 Frank Hammes
1891-1892 Edward Gafney 
1893-1894 John Bartelme 
1895-1896 Jospeh Delaneycollection of old badges
1897-1898 August Schauer
1899-1900 Charles Prust
1901-1902 Timothy Burke
1903-1904 William A. Gauerke
1905-1906 Peter s. VanGeghel
1907-1908 Clement Killman
1909-1910 Frank Deviley
1911-1912 Pater A. VanVeghel 
1913-1914 George Kolocheski
1915-1916 Henry VandenHeuvel
1917-1918 Nicholas M. Ryan 
1919-1920 Henry VandenHeuvel
1921-1922 Nicholas M. Ryan
1923-1924 Jake Geurts
1925-1926 Nicholas M. Ryan200 year badges
1927-1928 Joseph Francis
1929-1930 William J. Nickolai
1931-1934 Joseph Francis
1935-1936 Joseph Coleman
1937-1940 Clifford Kellner
1941-1944 Andrew H. Lom
1945-1946 Clifford Kellner
1947-1948 Merle Streckenbach
1949-1952 Gordon Zuidmulder
1953-1956 Reuben Lasee
1957-1960 Arltey Skenandore
1961-1964 William Swanson
1965-1982 Norbert R. Froelich
1983-1992 Leon R. PieschekSuperbowl Badges and current badges
1993-1996 Michael W. Donart
1997-2002 Thomas J. Hinz
2003-2010 Dennis N. Knocken
2011-2018 John Gossage
2019-Present Todd J. Delain