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What is a School Resource Officer?

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The Brown County Sheriff’s Office School Resource Officers (SRO) are Deputies assigned to a specific school or school district within Brown County to be a part of the daily routine, and ensure the students safety throughout the day.

Brown County has four Deputies assigned to the outlying school districts. Green Bay, Ashwaubenon, De Pere, and Pulaski schools each have SRO positions assigned by their police agencies.
  • The Howard-Suamico School District has three assigned SROs
    • Deputies Brian Janssen and Justin Rousseau are assigned to Bay Port High School
    • Deputy Ryan Werner is assigned to Bayview Middle School
    • Deputy Brittnay Coffey is assigned to Lineville Elementary School
  • Deputy Jon Dzekute is assigned to all of the schools in the Denmark School District
  • Deputy Jessica Smith is assigned to all of the schools in the Wrightstown Community School District.
Each of the four Deputies has applied for the SRO position, and has completed an interview process with both the Sheriff’s Office and the School Administration to ensure they would make a good fit in the school community.

The School Resource position is designed to be a proactive position and has proven to be extremely effective in solving and preventing crime and violence in schools and around the community.

Much of the crime can be solved or stopped due to the relationship the SRO has established with the schools, community and law enforcement.

It is important for school staff, law enforcement and the young people in the community to have this relationship, as it allows them to trust, and confide in law enforcement and staff if students have a concern or complaint. It also brings a sense of safety to the community.

The job of a School Resource Officer is to:
  • Establish a relationship with the students so they feel comfortable coming to an officer with their problems concerning law enforcement or any other matter they want to talk about.
  • Assist the school administration in keeping a safe school atmosphere
  • Enforce both state and local law in and around the schools
  • Provide teachers, administrators, and other school officials with information concerning the law
  • Provide classroom presentations for students in areas of mutual concern
  • Assist any law enforcement agency in investigative matters related to students
  • Assist the business community concerning juvenile matters
  • Deputies Dzekute and Smith also teach Drug Abuse Resistance Education (DARE) program to Wrightstown and Denmark elementary school students.                                                   
If you would like to contact your local School Resource Officer, please see their contact information listed below. 

Bay Port High School

Deputies Brian Janssen and Justin Rousseau are assigned to Bay Port High School. 

Bayview Middle School

Deputy Werner
Deputy Ryan Werner began his law enforcement career as a Patrol Officer with the North Fond Du Lac Police Department in 2006. In 2007, Deputy Werner was hired by the Brown County Sheriff’s Office where he worked as a patrol officer until 2011. At that time, he was assigned to the Drug Task Force and investigated narcotic trafficking in the Brown County area. In 2013, Deputy Werner became a certified D.A.R.E. instructor, where he then taught the D.A.R.E. program to approximately half of the elementary school students in Brown County, including Lineville Intermediate. In January 2019, Deputy Werner was assigned to his current position as a School Resource Officer at Bayview Middle school. Deputy Werner also serves as a sniper on the Brown County SWAT Team.

His role as a School Resource Officer is to maintain a safe and secure environment so that every child can reach their fullest potential. He also strives to foster positive relationships with the students and develop strategies to resolve problems affecting the students.

If you would like to contact Deputy Werner, please contact him by email
Or contact the Bayview Middle School's main office (920) 662-8196

Lineville Elementary

Deputy Brittany Coffey started her Law Enforcement career path when she graduated from the University of Wisconsin Platteville in May of 2014. Deputy Coffey then attended and graduated from the Fox Valley Police Academy in Fall of 2014 and was hired by the Brown County Sheriff’s Office in 2015. Deputy Coffey’s career as a Deputy has been working on the road mostly within the Howard/Suamico Community. Deputy Coffey became a Crisis Intervention Officer in 2018 and became a part of the Crisis Negotiation Team in 2021.
Deputy Coffey was assigned to the Howard Suamico School District as of August of 2022. Deputy Coffey’s main schools of focus are Lineville Intermediate School, Forest Glen Elementary School, Suamico Elementary School and Bay Harbor Elementary School. Deputy Coffey’s main responsibility is to ensure the safety of all students and staff. Deputy Coffey’s main goal is to build relationships with the students, staff and parents, to help educate them on laws and safety and to provide them with a successful education within school and outside of school.

Denmark School District

Deputy Jon Dzekute began his career with the Brown County Sheriff’s Office in April 2005.  It was always a goal of his to work for Brown County due to the positive contacts he had with officers growing up.  His first experience was with his DARE officer and continued with his liaison officer through high school.  Those experiences drove his ambition to be an officer and eventually to pursue a position in the schools. 
Deputy Dzekute spent the first 8 years of his career on night shift patrol, before he was given the opportunity to move to day shift patrol, which he took for almost a year before achieving his goal of working in the schools. In 2014, he became one of the department’s D.A.R.E. officers where he had the opportunity to teach the D.A.R.E. program to 5th graders at 23 different schools throughout Brown County.  In 2016, He accepted a position as one of the Denmark Directed Enforcement Officers (DEO).  Part of his daily responsibilities was working in the schools as a School Resource Officer (SRO).  He was afforded the ability to run with the SRO part of his responsibilities. In 2018, Deputy Dzekute became a full time School Resource Officer for the Denmark School District.
He truly enjoys working in the schools and getting to know the students.  As a School Resource Officer, he gets to play a much different role and do a lot more teaching and mentoring of students. He has the ability to take some of the incidents that happen and turn them into learning experiences. Deputy Dzekute can then keep in touch with the students to see how successful they are after their contact. 
“Most officers choose this career because we want to help people and make a difference in our communities.  As an SRO, we get the opportunity to do this on a daily basis.  It is a great feeling to see a student that you have worked with go on and succeed outside of the school.” 
If you would like to contact Deputy Dzekute, please contact him by email 
or contact the Denmark High School's main office (920) 863-4200

Wrightstown Community School District

SRO Smith in front of Wrightstown sign
Deputy Jessica Smith is assigned as the Wrightstown Community School District. Deputy Smith Graduated from the University of Wisconsin-Green Bay where she was awarded a scholarship to play collegiate soccer. She served in the United States Army Reserves as a licensed practical nurse for eight years. In 2002, Deputy Smith began her Law Enforcement career as a Deputy with the Brown County Sheriff’s Office. In 2008, Deputy Smith became a certified D.A.R.E. instructor. She now teaches the D.A.R.E. curriculum to 5th grade students at Wrightstown Middle School. Deputy Smith is also the advisor for the Brown County Sheriff’s Office Youth Cadet Program.
Deputy Smith’s job duties include fostering positive relationships with students and staff, while helping to develop a safe learning environment to provide a quality education for every student. She has the opportunity to work with students and staff at the Elementary, Middle, and High Schools.
If you would like to contact Deputy Smith, please contact her by email
Or contact the High school's main office (920) 532-0525