Sheriff's Office with vehicles
Sheriff's Office with vehicles
Dive Team Truck in front of the water
Dive Team Truck in front of the water
Fire Investigation Truck
Fire Investigation Truck
Honor Guard
Honor Guard
SWAT team
SWAT team
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Contact: Phone: (920) 448-4200  •  Fax: (920) 448-4206
Physical Address: 2684 Development Drive  •  Green Bay WI  •  54311  •  Map
Office Hours: Monday - Friday; 8 am - 4:30 pm

Bomb Squad

Bomb truck in front of the Resch Center
The Brown-Outagamie County Bomb Squad was formed in 1999 to address a critical need in Northeast Wisconsin. The closest available certified bomb technicians had to be dispatched from Milwaukee or Dane Counties.

Bomb Squad members have been sent to school for certification at Redstone Arsenal Hazardous Devices School in Huntsville, Alabama which is a 4-week course collaborated by FBI and The United States Army. 

The Brown-Outagamie County Bomb Squad provides a front line response to incidents involving or suspected of involving bombs, explosives and/or other shock sensitive materials.
The Bomb Squad also provides their services in explosive related matters. 
Bomb suits   explosive lab   Explosion

Correctional Emergency Response Unit (CERT)

The CERT team is specifically trained to meet the emergency needs of the Brown County Jail when confronted with
riots, hostage situations, disturbances, fires, medical situations, or other emergency situations.

The CERT team prides themselves for the obtaining the following goals in each situation:
  • Protecting the lives and safety of staff, visitors and inmates
  • Apprehending and controlling inmate violators
  • Protecting property within the facility 
CERT is comprised of 24 members led by the Training Corporal. 
Each shift has multiple trained members of CERT that are led by a team leader. 

       CERT team peering in cell    CERT preparing to enter cell

Correctional Field Training Officers

The Correctional Field Training Officers primary purpose is to orient probationary correctional officers to the department, help officers meet department performance expectations, provide objective assessment of the probationary officer's strengths and weaknesses, and provide an opportunity for the probationary correctional officer to apply the knowledge and skills obtained during the training period.

The program will establish a foundation upon which the officer can build and develop their competency levels.

Correctional Field Training Officers consists of 9 corrections officers and is coordinated by the Training Corporal who works with the Jail Administration as well as the Training Lieutenant to bring the most current and up to date information to the staff. 

Corrections Tactical Training

Tactical Training with 7 corrections officers
The Corrections Tactical Training unit is directed by a training corporal and is responsible for assisting in the coordination and delivery of correctional training programs for the Jail Division. 

This training includes in-service training, correctional emergency response unit (CERT) training, new recruit officer training, and on shift training. 
These officers are specifically trained as a State Certified Instructor in Principles of Subject Control, TASER, CERT, Professional Communications, and Oleoresin Capsicum (pepper spray). 

This position is in addition to correctional officer’s regular daily duties in the jail.

Crash Reconstruction Unit

The Brown County Sheriff's Office Crash Reconstruction Team was the first in Northeast Wisconsin, beginning in 1985. 
Members of the Crash Reconstruction Unit carry out their normal duties until called to report to critical crashes. 

The goal is to provide survivors, family, and The District Attorney's Office the most comprehensive expert explanation of how the most serious and fatal crashed occurred in our community

The investigations completed by the Crash Recognition Unit can provide answers to vehicle and occupant positioning, speeds at impact, lamp or signal use, and other pre-crash driver, roadway or mechanical conditions. 

           picture of a bad accident     Removing Mustang from Water   FARO unit

Crisis Negotiation Team

Negotiators looking at a computer
Crisis Negotiation Team or CNT formed a multi-jurisdictional unit in 2014, in which the primary goal is to create a peaceful resolution in an often extremely volatile situations. 

The team consists of officers from the Brown County Sheriff's Office, Ashwaubenon Public Safety and FBI- Green Bay. 

CNT responds to many calls each year in Brown County, such as: 
  • A person barricaded in a building to avoid arrest
  • Someone threatening harm to themselves or others
  • Hostage situations
  • Or a wide variety of other crisis events that threaten the safety of the community. 
Crisis negotiators work to establish an ongoing dialog and rapport with the person or persons involved in the incident. 
Team members gather information on the people involved, interview witnesses, compile psychological profiles, develop threat assessments, and analyze intelligence information. Negotiators often use these skills in tandem when deployed with the Brown County SWAT Team. 

All members receive specialized training from the FBI and the Wisconsin Hostage Negotiators Association. They also participate training events and are proficient in the best practices of their field. CNT members provide crisis negotiation training to other first responders. By sharing their expertise, law enforcement officers are provided added perspectives to Crisis Negotiators Associationmanage crisis incidents more consistently and effectively while on patrol.

D.A.R.E. Program

Drug Abuse Resistance Education or D.A.R.E. is a program designed to partner local law enforcement and area school districts to teach elementary age students that every choice they make has consequences. The DARE program focuses on the use of controlled substances, gangs, and violent behavior.
The Sheriff's Dare Officer- Bryanne Gawlik will teach the D.A.R.E prgram at all of the outlying area schools in the county, as well as a majority of the Catholic Schools, and about half of the Green Bay School District. 
School Resource Officers, Jessica Smith and Jon Dzekute teach the 5th graders in the Wrightstown and Denmark schools. 
  • The D.A.R.E. curriculum taught today is very different from the D.A.R.E. curriculum 30 years ago.
    • The old D.A.R.E. curriculum taught children to "just say no." 
    •  Today's D.A.R.E. curriculum teaches them to recognize that every choice they make has consequences.  
      • D.A.R.E. Officers teach students that those consequences may be positive or negative, depending on the choice they make in each situation. 
      • They also help the students to recognize the consequences and make good choices that culminate with the positive consequences we desire.
The D.A.R.E. is fully funded through private donations and corporate supporters.  

              DARE kids Graduation      DARE logo    deputy Bilgo teaching in class

Digital Forensics

The Digital Forensics Investigative Unit operates within the Investigative Division of the Brown County Sheriff’s Office. The unit supports patrol and WI ICAC Task Force Logoother law enforcement agencies in Brown County, as well as other local, state, and federal law enforcement agencies in the investigation of a broad range of computer-related crimes.

Since 2014, the emphasis of the unit has been Internet facilitated exploitation of children. These offenses include the possession, distribution and production of child pornography, as well as child enticement.  Digital Forensics continues an aggressive program into the investigation of online distribution of child pornography. Officers from the Brown County Sheriff's Office and partnering agencies, Ashwaubenon Public Safety, De Pere Police Department and Green Bay Police Department initiate investigations into the online distribution of child pornography, which result in arrests for manufacturing, possession and/or promotion of child pornography charges.

Digital Forensics also works with Human Trafficking investigations in cellphone, tablet, or computer type extractions requested by investigators.NCMEC logo

Digital Forensics works closely with a number of agencies in the fight against online crime, including the Wisconsin Internet Crimes Against Children (ICAC) Task Force and The National Center for Missing and Exploited Children (NCMEC). 
       Forensic Lab              Forensic Lab

Dive Team

                                                                                                                                                                                                    Divers swimming under water
The Brown County Sheriff's Office Dive Team is responsible for responding to criminal related incidents involving bodies of water. 
The team is primarily utilized in its recovery capacity, which includes:       
  • locating evidentiary items                                 
  • removing the items
  • maintaining evidence integrity 
  • documentation for testimonial purposes
All dive team members are certified as SCUBA divers, and are dive rescue trained. Members train once a month in all water conditions. 

Mustang in the water with dive team   Diver in the water      Dive Team under water


Drone or Unmanned Aerial Vehicle (UAV) Unit

The Brown County Sheriff’s Office Drone or Unmanned Aerial Vehicle (UAV) unit was started in the spring of 2019.
The unit is comprised of 6 certified operators and 1 supervisor.  The operators consist of deputies from Patrol, Investigative, and the Drug Task Force.

All operators are certified as FAA Remote Pilots and attended both classroom and hands on training for the safe and legal operating of the UAV.  
The Drone Unit utilizes a DJI Mavic 2 Enterprise Dual that allows operators to use the device for multiple purposes. 

The mission of the Drone Unit is to assist in any facet necessary for public safety including:
  • Missing person searches
  • Fire department assists (infrared camera)
  • Crime scene documentation (photography and videography)
  • Crash scene documentation, overhead views of potential flooding areas
  • High risk and active crime scene overview
  • Any other need that may arise where the use of the drone would assist public safety. 
               Drone in the air      Drone in front of sheriff's office    Drone on the ground on its platform

Drug Evaluation and Classification Program

The Drug Evaluation and Classification Program is designed to provide expert analysis and testimony regarding people under the influence of drugs while operating a motor vehicle. 

The intent of this program is to identify and hold those accountable that are operating a motor vehicle on a public roadway while impaired by the use of drugs other than or in addition to alcohol. 

There is a specific 12 step evaluation process suspected offenders are put through to determine whether the impairment being observed is from drugs or some other reason, such a medical issue. 

Deputies must complete an intense training program to become experts in this field. They are then required to maintain their certification. 
                                                                   Drug Test kits

Emergency Response Unit (ERU)/ SWAT Team

The ERU/SWAT Team serves the community by responding and mitigating high-risk incidents. They are on call 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 a year. 
The unit is comprised of specialty trained officers from                               
  • The Brown County Sheriff's Office                                                    
  • Ashwaubenon Public Safety 
  • De Pere Police Department
  • Oneida Police Department                                                                                              
ERU/SWAT works closely with other specialized teams/agencies such as:
  • Mobile Field Force Unit
  • Brown County/Outagamie County Bomb Squad
  • K9 Unit
  • County Rescue Eagle III Aerial Support
SWAT Team with Shield    Swat photo with Guns Drawn   Sniper photo  

Fire Investigation Task Force

Fire Investigation Truck in front of sheriff's office
The Brown County Fire Investigation Task Force was established in 1980, and is the oldest Arson Task Force in the state of Wisconsin. 

Originally funded with a grant from the Federal Government, it is now funded by the Brown County Sheriff's Office. The small operating budget pays for supplies, training, and reimburses agencies for investigation costs. 

The Brown County Fire Investigation Task Force consists of representatives from the fire departments and law enforcement agencies throughout Brown County.

The goal of the Brown County Fire Investigation Task Force is to reduce the number of fire incidents, injuries and deaths through professionally conducted investigations that identify the cause and origin, and whether or not a crime has been committed in Brown County.
Fire Investigation Task Force Patch
The task force proves this service for all fire and law enforcement agencies through Brown County. It also strives to prevent fires by educating the public with fire safety programs. 

Honor Guard

Honor Guard standing guard
​ The Honor Guard unit is and always has been a constant and proud public representative of the Brown County Sheriff’s Office.   

Brown County's Honor Guard is made up of two both sworn and non-sworn members, creating two teams.
  • The sworn Honor Guard team is comprised of 13 members
  • The correctional Honor Guard team is comprised of 6 members

Both teams are trained in a formal military style drill and ceremony with proper flag and rifle traditions. 

They perform for events such as flag posting at community events, memorial services, parades, and funerals. 

Sworn Honor Guard Team            Both Sworn and non-Sworn Honor GuardCorrections Honor Guard

K9 Unit

The Brown County Sheriff's Office is currently comprised of six K9 teams. 
  • Four dual purpose teams are assigned to the Patrol Divison and are trained in patrol tactics such as tracking, area searches for missing people or suspects, and protecteding their handler. They are also trained to detect narcotics or explosives. 
  • Two single purpose teams are assigned to the Drug Task Force and specialize in the detection of narcotics.
The K9's are solely assigned and reside at home with their handler and their families. 
The K9's and their handlers are on call 24 hours a day, 365 days a week. 

Meet Brown County's K9's and Their Handlers

Deputy Lemberger and K9 Murdock

K9 Murdock and Deputy Austin Lemberger
K9 Murdock is a dual purpose Belgian Malinois, born in 2013.
K9 Murdock is specialized in patrol and explosive detection
K9 Murdock is assigned to Deputy Lemberger who has been 
serving with the Brown County Sheriff's Office since 2007.

deputy Roush K9 Benzi
K9 Benzi and Deputy Garett Roush
K9 Benzi is a dual purpose Belgian Malinois, born in 2017.
K9 Benzi is specialized in patrol and explosive detection.
K9 Benzi is assigned to Deputy G. Roush who has been
serving with the Brown County Sheriff's Office since 2007.

Deputy Sanborn K9 Harli

K9 Harli and Deputy Brock Sanborn
K9 Harli is a dual purpose German Shepard, born in 2015.
K9 Harli is specialized in patrol and narcotics detection.
K9 Harli is assigned to Deputy Sanborn who has been serving
with the Brown County Sheriff's Office since 2014.

Deputy Dennis and K9 Mattis

K9 Mattis and Deputy Nick Dennis
K9 Mattis is a dual purpose Belgian Malinois, born in 2016.
K9 Mattis is specialized in patrol and narcotics detection.
K9 Mattis is assigned to Deputy Dennis who has been serving
with the Brown County Sheriff's Office since 2016.


K9 DartK9 Dart and K9 SashaK9 Sasha
The Drug Task Force has two Belgian Malinois.
Both K9 Dart and K9 Sasha were born in 2015.
K9 Dart and K9 Sasha are handled by Narcotics Investigators.

K9 Statue
In 2013, The Sheriff's Office received a donation of a statue to honor these great animals and their service to Brown County. Former Sheriff, John Gossage dedicated this memorial to the current and past K9s and their handlers. the statue now stands in front of the office on Development Drive as a tribute to their time standing guard for the citizenry.

Mobile Field Force

Mobile Field Force Line
The Brown County Sheriff Mobile Field Force unit is a team of 45 law enforcement professionals from the Sheriff’s Office, De Pere Police, UW Green Bay Police, and Ashwaubenon Public Safety.
Formed in 1999, the Mobile Field Force is responsible for planning and responding to civil disturbance or demonstrations within the county.  It is also part of a state-wide emergency response network and can be integrated with other crowd control teams in the event of a large-scale civil disturbance.
Team members are trained to recognize and respond to varying levels of crowd resistance, conduct mass arrest, and defeat protestor devices meant to slow down the arrest process. 

        MFF Throwing Smoke Bomb    MFF in front of sheriff's Office           MFF in smoke from Smoke Bomb

Motorcycle Unit

Harley Davidson Motorcycle

The motorcycle unit is used for special assignments such as: 
  • Parades
  • Football games
  • Special patrol functions
  • Community events
The motorcycle unit was revived in 1995 after a long hiatus due to a fatal mishap involving the late Deputy Wenner in 1945.
It was restarted with 2 new Harley Davidsons that were donated by a local businessman.

The unit began with 3 deputies in 1995; while today the unit has doubled in size.

Motorcycle team photoIn 2008, The Brown County Sheriff's Office purchased a new Harley Davidson, which is still used today.

The Harley Davidson has been a great asset to the Sheriff's Office as the popularity of the motorcycles makes the deputies more approachable. 
Deputies responding to regular patrol calls seem to allow for a common bond that helps citizens relate to the deputy, making the call easier for both the deputies and citizens. 

Recreation Enforcement

The Recreation Vehicle Enforcement Unit consists of 
  • Snowmobile Patrol
  • ATV Patrol
  • Marine Patrol 
The deputies working these details are officers with other full time duties during their scheduled hours. All deputies are trained on enforcement and safety issues related to each type of recreational vehicle. 
The patrol, the vehicles, and the training are either partially or fully funded by State and Federal funds. 

Air Boat   Snow Mobiles   Boat

Sworn Field Training Officers (FTO)

Field Training Officers are responsible for providing training and direction to new deputies hired by the Brown County Sheriff's Office. 

The Brown County Sheriff's Office Field Training Unit is comprised of:
  • 9 Field Training Officers
  • 4 Field Training Supervisors 
  • 2 Field Training Coordinators 
The team works in cooperative environment to ensure that all new deputies are equipped with the most accurate and up to date knowledge skills and training in the areas of officer safety, team tactics, legal principals and development police and procedure. 

FTO's are selected for their superior police skills, their knowledge and application of police procedures, and their ability to role model high ethical and professional behavior. 

FTO's demonstrate a high degree of personal initiative, responsibility and accountability, are leaders among their peers and have vested interest in the direction of the Sheriff's Office. 

Traffic Team

                                                                                                                                                                                                                                  traffic team taking radar
The Brown County Traffic Team is a specialized unit within the Patrol Division which focuses on solving traffic-related problems throughout the county. 
This is accomplished through the use of: 
  • Conventional radar
  • The development of radar display boards
  • A metro-count device that records vehicle time and speed through a specific area
The deputies are not typically assigned to a specific section, and do not respond to calls for service unless needed. Instead, deputies on the traffic team focus their efforts on promoting traffic safety and reducing the rate and severity of traffic collisions.
  • The Three E's of Traffic Safety:   
3 E's of Traffic Safety

Unified Tactical Training Unit

The Unified Tactical Training Unit is made up of 12 deputies. 
Training unit practicing takedowns
This team of trainers works in a cooperative environment to share the goals of the training section which inside training in compliance with Wisconsin Department of Justice standards and improving officer safety through regular and frequent training on officer and team tactics. 

Instructors possess superior tactical skills and expertise in the areas of use-of-force, legal issues, emergency driving, report-writing and documentation

The team is responsible for delivering current and relevant training that enhances officer and community safety. 

Training includes monthly firearms courses and annual in-services, in addition to collaborating on multi-jurisdictional trainings.

The team members are viewed as experts in all fields of unified tactics and are resources to their peers.

Vehicle Extraction training    Dog Bite Training   Target Shoot from Vehicle