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December 23, 2020 - Virtual Learning Community – Opportunity to Teach and Lead in 2021

VirtualAcross the Division of Extension we have been learning and improving our transition to virtual spaces.  You haven’t heard from the Virtual Learning Community since our Summer Virtual Learning Community, but Positive Youth Development in virtual spaces has continued to grow and develop.  Since summer we’ve been building out virtual opportunities and had over 500 people registered for our first ever Virtual Fall Forum AND hundreds of volunteers registered and participated in our Virtual Annual Leader Trainings.  In order to continue building out a community of learning around the state, we need Youth Leaders and Adult Volunteers!   
Below are some commonly asked questions:  
Why are we inviting YOU? 

What type of content are you looking for? 
We are looking for project area content, leadership trainings and open spaces for youth to engage and connect around other topics/areas of interest.  If you have an interest or passion and are willing to share it with others, we’ll help make it work in a virtual space.
Does the session need to be new? 
Nope.  We know that many participants were just getting to know the calendar and as they did never attended all the sessions that might have interested them.  Also, if you’re like us, you’ve been learning and tweaking.  If you have a program that you have already offered and are willing to offer it again, please do! 
Can I submit more than one session? 
Absolutely!  We all know that virtual programs are most effective in 40 minutes, so if you have too much content for one session, a series is great.  We’ve also learned from our evaluation that participants enjoy seeing each other more than once and recognizing faces and names. 
Is there a deadline to submit? 
Nope.  Programs are needed ongoing!  Submission dates are weekly.  After you submit, sessions will be reviewed by a committee of youth leaders, volunteers and staff using our Positive Youth Development learning review process adapted for virtual learning.   
I would like a little more information about Virtual Learning Community before I submit.  Where can I go? 
Fair enough.  With the lessons learned, we have a new submission process, facilitator support resources, a uniform registration process, evaluation process and a plan for promotion and marketing. Our website can be found at
Okay!  I’m convinced.  Where do I submit? 
Submissions can be made at:
With the easy to use back button, you can explore the submission form to learn a little more about the types of sessions and content.   
What happens after I submit? 
Our committee will respond to submissions with a follow up e-mail or call to the primary contact within a week.  
The Virtual Learning Community knows how important supportive relationships within youth development spaces are to creating community, valuing youth voice and empowering action in our communities.  We are committed to ensuring that anyone who wants to find an engaging, educational, and FUN online connection will be able to do so easily.  We hope you will help us make it happen.