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November 8, 2023 - 4-H Club of the Month: Anston Country Squires

Anston Country Squires Club of the Month

For the month of November the Anston Country Squires is our club of the month and I got the chance to ask Stacie Kohn, leader of the Anston Country Squires a bit about the club.

So far this year, the Anston Country Squires has a whopping total of 29 members! In the 2nd photo the Squires show off their officers for the 2023-2024 school year. Pictures left to right they include Evelyn Stender (Reporter), Faith Kohn (President), Zavier Follen (Secretary), Jax Johnson (Reporter), Lucien Follen (Treasurer) and Kaleb Follen (Vice President).

The Anston Country Squires monthly meetings which happen the second Monday of each month, are led by their officers team. Members of the club get to participate in many fun and educational activities, have guest speakers, partake in offsite club tours, and serve their community in different ways each year!

But what kind of projects are members of the Anston Country Squires involved in?Many of the members are involved in multiple projects. Some show animals (beef, dairy, sheep, goats, rabbits, horses, pigs, chickens and dogs); photography, woodworking, shooting sports, art, foods, and clothing to name a few.

When I asked Stacie what she personally felt was most gratifying about being a leader she had this to say "My favorite thing about being this club's leader is empowering young people to be true leaders, who have confidence, know how to work well with others, can endure through challenges, and will stick with a job until it gets done. We continue to encourage leadership and "Learning by Doing" in our youth members."

The 4-H program gives youth the chance to be exposed to different learning opportunities than they receive in school or at home. So if any of this at all seems interesting to you make sure to head to the clubs information page here!
You won't be disappointed with enrolling your child, just watch them grow!