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September 15, 2022 - Submit your Club News & Updates for Publishing

Submit your news to our form

You can now submit your Club news and updates for publishing on our website and newsletter.

You can access the form for submissions here.

This form may be used to submit a news update and/or a general club update for the 4-H News page, and/or the 4-H weekly digest.
Complete one form response per article or post that you would like to submit.
All article submission must be clear, concise, and directly related to 4-H. 

News page submissions:
Lengthy articles can be submitted as news for the 4-H website. These articles will be linked in the weekly digest.

General Updates:
Brief updates, such as some 4-H Club event invitations, member/leader shout-outs, short success stories, etc. can be submitted as weekly digest articles. These will be posted in the weekly digest, but not on the news page.
Submissions may be edited for conciseness, but content will not be significantly changed to fit the content & format requirements without prior approval.

The 4-H weekly digest goes out on Thursday or Friday of each week.