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June 2, 2023 - 4-H Club Update: Lost Dauphin

Brown County 4-H Club Report for April and May f

This April, the Lost Dauphin 4-H Club held its meeting at the Lawrence Town Hall. To kick off the meeting, club members were given pieces of paper with images on them, and they had to arrange themselves in the order of their pictures. However, there was a twist. Club members could only describe their picture to others, not show them directly. It turned out to be a very challenging but fun ice breaker activity. After going through club business, club members then sorted shoes in order that they may be donated. In total, the club collected about 65 pairs of shoes. To finish off the meeting, club members planted flowers to take home with them. It was a very fun and productive meeting!

Later in the month, on April 22nd, several club members participated in 4-H Game Day in basketball, beanbags, and the bake sale. A fun time was had by everyone involved!

This May, the club held its meeting at the Lawrence Town Hall. The club welcomed Mr. Wayne Steigelman from the Brown County Beekeepers Association to give a talk on bees and beekeeping. Did you know that the honey bee is not native to Wisconsin? Club members enjoyed the presentation and learned a ton about beekeeping. One club member even got to try on the beekeeping suit! Thank you Mr. Steigelman for your time and for giving such an informational and interactive presentation!

Submitted by Elizabeth Gerrits