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November 24, 2021 - 4-H Shooting Sports Updates

Wisconsin 4-H Shooting Sports LogoWe are finally getting underway with our 2021-2022 season.
As in past years, there are 2 steps that must be completed to participate in the shooting relay portion of the Shooting Sports Program. Please see the details below regarding the steps needed based on the number of years you have been involved in the Shooting Sports Program. Also, please note that the minimum age requirement is 9 years old, and youth must be in at least third grade.
New members are considered new to the Shooting Sports program starting in 2022. First year shooters are considered members that signed up to the Shooting Sports program for the first time last year for the 2021 season.
Steps to become a member for the 2022 practice season
1) Enroll online (details below) by December 15th deadline
2) Attend one of the mandatory meeting
Our new and first year shooter meetings will be held on Tuesday, December 7, 2021 at 6:00pm and Sunday, December 12, 2021 at 2:00pm.
The meetings will be held in-person at the DePere Sportsmen's Club, 3623 Club Drive, DePere, WI.
Youth with an adult (parent/guardian) must attend one of the meetings. At the meeting we will cover club information, as well as fill out membership paperwork and pay dues. A signature from each member is required to show attendance at the meetings. We will also be collecting the annual 4-H fee (if your primary club is Shooting Sports) in the amount of $6 per child. All checks can be made out to: Brown County 4-H Shooting Sports.

Any youth unable to attend one of the mandatory meetings must request an exception by email to the club email address All requests must be received prior to the enrollment deadline of December 15th. The executive board will need to approve the member request before participation at practices. There is no guarantee that an exception will be granted.
Our returning shooters will not need to attend the mandatory meeting as in the past years. Returning shooters are considered youth that have been in the Shooting Sports program for more than 2 years.

Steps to become a member for the 2022 practice season
1) Enroll online (details below) December 15th deadline
2) Return the Participation Agreement prior December 15th
Returning youth members will need to turn in a signed participation agreement prior to December 15th (both the youth and parent/guardian signatures are required). The Participation Agreement is available here and can be sent by email to
Each member must be enrolled in order to participate at the practices starting in January 2022. Enroll today here: Sign In ( For enrollment instructions click here:

As a reminder, if you are in another 4-H club, please make sure Shooting Sports is your secondary club, not your primary club. To do so, when choosing your club(s) make sure to click on "Select Units" to add Shooting Sports to each member's enrollment. 
Deadline for 4-H Shooting Sports enrollment is December 15, 2021.  Please enroll today to stay informed regarding the season.