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June 16, 2023 - June Club Reports

June Club ReportsJune 2023 4-H Club Reports

Anston Country Squires

"On Saturday April 29 the Anston County Squires 4-H club went to The Farm Wisconsin Discovery Center and enjoyed our time “milking cows” “driving tractors” and learning about our dairy farms here in Wisconsin! We could go anywhere in the building and most people started off on the main floor and learned how to milk cows by trying out a similar concept and milking a plastic cow to get the feel. Then we made our way upstairs to a large learning center, we learned about healthy diets for us and for farm animals, tractor simulators, and other interesting facts and fun! Including many interactive and hands-on activities. The experience was a great learning opportunity and it made the learning fun and enjoyable.  But the one thing highlighted the whole time was when we went to see some live mom and baby cows and also learned how to clean up after one! The cows there were almost due and they had live babies that were extremely cute! We got to learn all about them and they’re babies! And to top the trip off the Wiscon Discovery Center just had to have some ice cream at they’re shop, the whole trip was an awesome experience! So join 4-H today and enjoy these awesome times with us!

In May the Anston County Squires 4-H club went to Sabamba Alpaca Farm and had a great time walking, feeding and learning about the alpacas! First we learned about the differences between alpacas and llamas, the differences were outstanding and interesting! Then we fed the alpacasAlthough the feeding was over we still had more to do! After feeding we were taught how to walk an alpaca so that we would know how to control them and how to be safe with them! We went on two trips around the farm, so everyone would get the experience. “Walking the alpacas was an odd thing to do and a first! But the whole group enjoyed it!” Another 4-H member claimed! The last activity we did was learn about the coat on an alpaca and how to shave the alpaca. Then we went to the store and saw what alpaca fur can produce. The trip was fun and a great experience. So join 4-H today and enjoy these awesome times with us!"

Submitted by Charlie, Lydia & Hazel Ver Haagh

Lost Dauphin

"This month the Lost Dauphin 4-H Club held its annual club picnic at the Lawrence Town Hall. Members enjoyed spending time together without having to worry about the typical procedures of a business meeting. Activities included enjoying delicious food and playing Battle Bags."

Submitted by Elizabeth Gerrits