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April 24, 2023 - Game Day Results & Recap

Game Day
Photo: (Left to right, back row) Emily Metzintine, Ashley Derenne, Caleb Metzintine, Dennis Schlies. (Left to right, front row) Caleb Lamers, Margaret Schlies, James Derenne.

Thank you to everyone who came to the Bean Bag/Basketball Tournament.  Whether you played in it, worked at it, or just came to watch and support the bake sale and silent auction, we appreciated it.  To all the workers, both youth and adults, thank you for making the day a success. 
Please write a thank you to Wrightstown High School for the use of their gym. 

Bean Bag results
Cloverbud Division
Rockland 4-H: Owen Van Dyck & Margaret Schlies 1st place 
Zangos Denmark 4-H: Ryker Davister & Levi Novak 2nd place
Junior Division

Morrison 4-H: Sam Goral & Zoey Vande Hey 1st place
Morrison 4-H: Jonal Abel & Emma Laabs 2nd place
Tiger Sisters Legacy Builders 4-H: Naomi Goeben & Grace Brochtrup 3rd place
Team Jungle Legacy Builders 4-H: Clayton Vollmar & Elise Vollmar 4th place
Intermediate Division

Vanilla Bean Denmark 4-H:  Axle Davister & Ava Claussen 1st place
Purple Lions Legacy Builders 4-H: Abby Guise & Garett Brochtrup 2nd place
Panthers Legacy Builders 4-H: Trevor Healy & Simon Goeben 3rd place
Human Bean Legacy Builders 4-H: Caleb Wang & Austin Budworth 4th place
Senior Division

Morrison 4-H: Justin Ossmann & Caleb Loppnow 1st place
Dynamic Duo Lost Dauphin 4-H: Ashlynn Ostrenga & Rachel Hock 2nd place
Morrison 4-H: Heidi Beyer & Kaydance Larsen 3rd place
Keranl Kings Wrightstown/Happy Valley 4-H: Tristtin Ostrom & Ian Brick 4th place
Adult Division 

Morrison 4-H: Hanna Beyer & Josh Stoegbauer 1st place
Prime Time Suamico 4-H: Ryan Malueg & Cameron Malueg 2nd place
Morrison 4-H: Kevin Laabs & Jennifer Laabs 3rd place
Team Ruebl Wrightstown 4-H: Rick Ruebl & Joanna Ruebl 4th place

Basketball results
Junior Division

Wrightstown 4-H 1st place
Rockland 4-H 2nd place
Morrison/Denmark 4-H 3rd place
Legacy Builders 4-H 4th place
Intermediate Division 

Legacy Builders 4-H 1st place
Happy Valley/Morrison 4-H 2nd place
Rockland 4-H 3rd place
Senior Division 

Morrison 4-H 1st place
Greenleaf 4-H 2nd place
Denmark 4-H 3rd place
Lost Dauphin 4-H 4th place