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July 20, 2023 - Brown County Needs Your Help to Improve Internet Access

Brown County Needs Your Help to Improve Internet Access
Wisconsin Residents Asked to Take WISER Survey to Help Internet Planning Efforts

In order to better understand your internet needs, barriers and network performance, and to help shape Brown County’s and the State of Wisconsin's internet planning efforts, Brown County and the Wisconsin Broadband Office (WBO) are encouraging all Wisconsin households to take the Wisconsin Internet Self-Report (WISER) survey.

WISER is an online survey available HERE, or by phone at (608) 267-3595. It is designed to identify areas where internet access is either unavailable, too expensive and/or underperforming. The survey is confidential, and the number of responses and other information will be used in various visual mapping tools, such as the Brown County Broadband Planning Map.

How will the data be used?
Brown County and the State of Wisconsin will use the data to compare actual internet speeds and service availability against advertised speeds and availability. Along with gathering other information, it will also determine the extent of internet affordability in Wisconsin to be used to obtain long term internet funding through grants and other government programs.

Brown County, through its local Broadband Committee and elected officials, and the WBO are committed to enabling all to participate in our increasingly digital society for the growth and prosperity of our region. More information on the Brown County Broadband Committee can be found here.

About the Wisconsin Broadband Office: The mission of the Wisconsin Broadband Office (WBO) is to make high speed internet service accessible and affordable for all Wisconsinites. As part of the Public Service Commission of Wisconsin, WBO leads statewide efforts to expand broadband access, affordability, and adoption. WBO provides support to residents seeking internet access, manages broadband grant programs, compiles broadband service maps, and builds capacity through planning and outreach. Our vision is that all Wisconsinites have access to affordable broadband service and equitably share in the benefits of broadband technology.