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December 9, 2022 - Citizenship Washington Focus- Registration Information
Applications due 12/31/22


2023 Citizenship Washington Focus

June 24-July 1, 2023

What is Citizenship Washington Focus?

Citizenship Washington Focus, or CWF for short, is the premier week long 4-H citizenship and leadership experience. CWF brings 4-H delegations from all over the country to stay in Washington D.C., our Nation’s Capital! Participants learn about the roles of Senators and Representatives in the United States’ government and how these parts work together to form an effective Congress. Additionally, youth get to see and experience government in action by meeting with their State’s members of Congress and watching a House of Representatives meeting. Delegates also participate in various educational workshops such as:

Citizenship Toolbox: By exploring what it means to be a good citizen, delegates identify their own skill set to become active citizens and leaders in their communities back home.
Congressional Issues: Delegates will have open discussions with different perspectives on real national issues in the government today.
Bill Writing: Delegates learn the process of writing a bill in the House of Representatives and then write one of their own. They then will hold a mock House of Representatives meeting where they will discuss and either pass or deny said bills.
Action Planning: By combining all of the skills they have learned at CWF, the entire delegation will discuss what issues are prominent in their communities. They will then develop a plan to take back and implement positive change into their hometowns.

These are just a couple of the activities delegates will participate in. Delegates will also get the opportunity to tour our Nation’s Capital and experience the culture that comes with it. After completing the CWF program, they will have stronger knowledge about being an active citizen and our Government. They will also have the opportunity to discover new skills and be exposed to different perspectives and cultures from around the U.S. On top of all this, it gives delegates another opportunity to bond and network with other 4-Hers from Wisconsin and beyond. We hope to see you participating in CWF in the near future!

Questions about CWF that you can’t find the answers to on this website? Feel free to contact Justin Lieck, Educational Programs Assistant at or 608-263-5971.

Are you interested in the Citizenship Washington Focus Educational Experience?
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