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July 19, 2023 - July Club Reports

July Club ReportsAnston Country Squires

"For the July activity for the Anston Country Squires 4-H club we went to the Green Bay Airport to learn about how air traffic works. Our tour of the Federal Aviation Administration showed us the responsibilities of the air traffic controllers and the processs of how they guide the arrival and departure of the planes and pilots. The highlights were tracking aircraft from other airports on radar screens and watching a plan take off from in the tower! We learned how their services support our community. New 4-H members are always welcome, so reach out today!"

Submitted by Lydia Verhaagh

Lost Dauphin

This July, the Lost Dauphin 4-H Club held its meeting at the Lawrence Town Hall. After the pledges were recited, club members participated in an icebreaker activity in which everyone shared their name, age, and favorite ice cream color (not flavor). It was a great and silly way to get to know everyone a little better. After the icebreaker, the club president, Ashlynn, gave a presentation on the 4-H American Spirit trip she went on earlier this summer. During this trip, she joined 4-H members from across the state to visit cities along the East Coast and even into Canada. Then, the club vice president, Casey, gave a presentation on his trip to Space Camp. Listening to these presentations was a wonderful way to learn about two exciting trips through 4-H, and it was a great reminder of all the opportunities 4-H offers! Members finished off the meeting by making craft flowers. The meeting was a great mix of being both informative and fun!

Submitted by Elizabeth Gerrits