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March 2, 2023 - Celebrate the Arts 4-H Art Contest winners

Celebrate the Arts WinnersThe Wisconsin 4-H Foundation is pleased to announce this year’s winners of the Celebrate the Arts 4-H Art Contest. The youth art was selected through a statewide contest that attracted more than 100 entries. Two youth selected as category winners are from Brown County 4-H! Congratulations Keira and Eva!

The winners are: 
The following artists received honorable mention awards: 
The following artists received emerging artist awards for their artistic promise and creativity: 
“This year’s contest was a great success,” said Wisconsin 4-H Foundation Executive Director, Brenda Scheider. “This is a great showcase for our 4-H youth, who are incredibly talented and creative, and a great opportunity to highlight and support an important part of the 4-H program—arts and communications programs.” The winning pieces are for sale for a minimum $150 donation to the Wisconsin 4-H Foundation. For more information and a full list of winners and images, please visit:   
The ultimate purpose of the 4-H arts and communications programs is to provide opportunities for young people to develop the character and life skills they will need to become successful and contributing members of society.
The Celebrate the Arts 4-H Art Contest is one way the Wisconsin 4-H Foundation is working to enhance support of the arts and communications programming, including an endowment which permanently provides resources for arts-related programming. Funds generated from the auction will provide resources for 4-H arts and communications programs including visual and performing arts, communications, photography, speech and drama. For images of all the honorees, please visit.
The Wisconsin 4-H Arts and Communications programs have a rich history and an exciting future.
4-H youth are encouraged to develop their creative, problem-solving and technical skills through their 4-H experience. Arts and communications programming is one of the largest project areas in Wisconsin 4-H. It provides unprecedented opportunities to explore and develop artistic awareness, creative potential and appreciation of art and the artistic process.