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February 23, 2022 - YQCA Certification Updates

YQCAYouth for the Quality Care of Animals is the quality assurance program that we do here in Wisconsin. To find out more about this program please visit

Recently, YQCA announced a platform transition:
"We are preparing for the move to the new platform which will launch on March 23, 2022! On that date, users (youth or YQCA instructors) will no longer be able to login to their account and access their certification information. Each youth and YQCA instructor that has a current and valid certification will need to download their certificate before March 23, 2022. There will be a process on the new platform to submit current and valid certifications."

You can read the YQCA's full statment here.

Learn more about how to get your online certification here. For information on printing your certificate, click here.