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November 9, 2022 - Fall Forum Recap

4-H Fall Forum
Left to Right: Carrie Ostroski, Eileen Rueden, Angela Wiese, Madison Wiese, Lydia Meulemans, Casey Ostroski, Madelyn Meulemans, Megan Hansen, Harper Verheyen, Molly Ruebl, Alivia Wiese, Allie Bartosch, Clayton Schmidt, Sabrina Schmidt, Josslyn Smits, and Karisa Verheyen. 

Hi my name is Casey Ostroski. I want you to know that I had a lot of fun at Fall Forum. I did the 'Ice Breakers' breakout room and the 'Awakening Your Why' breakout room. I think people should go because these are very important life skills to have and I had a lot of fun. Also, when all the breakout sessions are done, you get a lot of free time to hang out and get to meet other 4-H members and make friends. Overall, I think people would love to go to Fall Forum. Thank you for the opportunity.
                                                                 Casey Ostroski, Fall Forum 2022 participant

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