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March 19, 2021 - "NWTC Artisan and Business Center: Milestones" exhibit open now.

NWTC Artisan and Business Center: Milestones exhibit open now.
Green Bay, WI—March 19, 2021 — Milestones is a juried exhibition hosted at the Neville Public Museum featuring the artwork of 28 NWTC Artisan and Business Center students and instructors.
“Over the past ten years the Artisan Center has been operating, we have had the opportunity to witness the artistic growth of several artists. This inspired us to reflect on the Center’s mission and use what we have learned to continue creating an inspiring and inclusive space for all artists,” NWTC Artisan and Business Center Artistic Design Project Coordinator Aaron Reimers said.
For this exhibition, the NWTC Artisan and Business Center asked artisans to create their featured artwork inspired by the Neville Public Museum's Collections. Artists chose items from the Museum's online digital collection or the new Generations Gallery exhibit as inspiration.
Opening Saturday, March 20, 2021 through May 23, 2021.
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Submitted by:
Beth A. Kowalski Lemke • Executive Director
210 Museum Place • Green Bay, WI 54303
Bridging Communities • Connecting Generations

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