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Aging & Disability Resources
  - ADRC Community Cafe Dining Sites
Serving lunch at select locations in the community membership form required.
  - ADRC Homebound Meals
Weekday lunchtime delivery of meals for qualified homebound persons age 60 plus.  Application and pre-qualification required. 
  - Brain Check-Ups at the ADRC
A Brain Check-Up, also called a Memory Screen, is a short screening tool that can detect changes in memory and cognition.
  - Caregiver Services and Support Care4u Care4me
November is Caregiver Month  -   Sign up now for these great programs
ADRC staff are here to assist and support caregivers on their unique journey. 
  - Dementia
What is dementia? Whether you are concerned about your own memory or caring for a loved one with dementia, the ADRC provides information, services, and supports that can help you through this journey.
  - Health Care Coverage for Older Adults and Adults with Disabilities
Health care coverage options, coordination, and eligibility is very complicated for individuals and caregivers alike.  ADRC Benefit Specialists provide unbiased information and assistance in understanding and accessing health care coverage such as Medicare, Medicaid, Senior Care, and more.
  - Home Care for older Persons & Adults with Disabilities
Services brought into the home to provide you with the assistance you need to remain in your home.  Services range from simple household chores to skilled nursing procedures. 
  - Housing for Older Persons and Adults with Disabilities
Descriptions of the different types of housing to help you make an informed decision that fits your needs.  Explains the types of housing, location, contact information, who they serve, costs, services, funding sources if any. 
  - Medicare Health Care
ADRC Your Unbiased Medicare Expert
Medicare is complicated.  ADRC staff and specially trained volunteers are here to answer your questions and take the mystery out of Medicare.
  - Purple Angel - Dementia Friendly Business Training
Training businesses and organizations in our community how to recognize, communicate with, and create a more welcoming place for people with dementia and their caregivers.
  - Social Security
The Social Security Act of 1935 established a nationwide safety-net for seniors and persons with diabilities.  Rules for these benefit programs are complicated and complex.  ADRC is here to help.
  - Transportation Options for Older Adults and Persons with Disabilities
Information about transportation options in Brown County for persons who do not drive.
  - Youth Transition from High School
Help navigating options and connection to services for youths with disabilities transitioning from school to adulthood.
Children & Youth
  - Behavioral Health - Child
Learn what resources are available to help children/adolescents and their families experiencing emotional disturbance, mental health, substance abuse, or co-occurring disorders.
  - Birth to 3 Program
Help is available if you are concerned that an infant or toddler may have developmental delays and disabilities.
  - Child Abuse Referral/Report
What to do if you believe a child, age 0-18, has been abused, neglected or is at risk.
  - Child Care Assistance (Wisconsin SHARES Program)
Program to assist low-income working families pay for child care.
  - Child Care Certification
Interested in becoming a family child care provider? It's easier than you think!
  - Child Labor Work Permits
How to obtain a minor work permit.
  - Child Support Application
Apply for Child Support Services as a parent or guardian
  - Child Support Online Account (CSOS)
  • Check your child support balances
  • Print child support payment history
  • Update your address and phone number with the child support agency
  • Print child support payment coupons
  - Children's Long Term Support
The goal of disability services is to help families support their child with a disability in the home and community. Supports/services are based on the specific needs of the child and individualized outcomes that the family would like to see for the child.
  - Collaborative Co-Parenting
The Brown County Child Support Agency supports relationships between children and their parents by offering supportive services under the Access and Visitation Federal Grant.
  - ELEVATE Program
Elevate is an employment assessment and development program for payors of child support. Noncustodial parents who have a Brown County order and are unemployed or underemployed; able to work; and behind in meeting child support obligations are eligible.
  - Foster Parenting
Is being a foster parent for you? Every day foster parents help to save the lives of children who might not otherwise have a chance to learn and grow in a loving home environment.
  - Juvenile Court Services
A child involved in the Juvenile Justice System encounter a number of different people and agencies - Brown County's Youth Justice Team can help.
  - Kinship Care
Kinship Care is a term used to used to define a living arrangement where a minor child is residing with a relative.
  - Make a Child Support Payment Online
Ways to make a child support payment
  - Shelter Care (Youth)
 Learn about how Shelter Care, a non-secure facility for youth 10 - 17 years old.
  - Volunteer Services
Mission: To connect caring volunteers to vulnerable individuals and families with goals of promoting self-sufficiency, and enriching lives through support and encouragement.

The Volunteer Programs administered through the Brown County Health and Human Services Department are designed to complement and enhance the services provided to the community by our program units.

Our Volunteer Coordinators are also licensed Social Workers that follow industry standards for volunteer practices, which translates to a very professional experience for our volunteers.  All of our programs include orientation and training.
Extension - Brown County
  - 4-H Positive Youth Development
Brown County 4-H Positive Youth Development is a community of young people, being mentored by adults, coming together to have fun while learning life and leadership skills - from kindergarten through 13th grade!
  - Agriculture Commodity Pricing
Looking for information on hay, straw, or other agriculture commodities?  Contact us for help!
  - Agriculture Information & Educational Resources
Looking for more information about many aspects of Agriculture in Brown County? Extension Brown County can help!
  - Community Garden Plot Rental
The Brown County Community Gardens Program empowers all county residents to grow healthy food by providing resources and organizational capacity. The Community Gardens Program provides garden space and logistical assistance to Brown County residents to facilitate their access to affordable, nutritious and culturally appropriate food.
  - Community Resource Handbook
Community Resource Handbooks, complied by the FoodWIse program in Brown County, provide a list of ways to improve access to healthy food, and to extend access to other needed services that otherwise consume the household budget.
  - FoodWIse
Father and daughter smiling as they are cookingHealthy Choices, Healthy Lives - FoodWIse employs a combination of evidence-based strategies designed to promote changes for individuals, communities and environments to help make the healthy choice the easy choice.

Our Mission is to advance healthy eating habits, active lifestyles and healthy community environments for low-income families through nutrition education at the individual, community and systems levels. 

Extension's FoodWIse Program in Brown County provides education to help limited resource families and individuals at all stages of life establish healthy eating habits, and a physically active lifestyle, to increase food security and prevent or postpone nutrition-related chronic disease.

Direct Education:
Community Based Adults
Early Childhood 
Food Pantries 
School Aged Youth
Parents and Children Together 
Parent and Caregivers 
Virtual Education 
  - Fruit Tree Resources
Do you have a question about your fruit tree? Extension Brown County offers free consultations and can help!
  - Garden Management
Do you have a question about your vegetable garden? Extension Brown County offers free consultations and can help!
  - Horse Pasture Questions
Looking for questions on how to maintain your horse pasture?  Wondering if certain trees or weeds are poisonous to horses?  Contact our Agriculture Educator for help!
  - Insect Identification
Did you find an insect in your home? Is one constantly bothing your plants or trees? We can help! Extension Brown County offers free consultations on lawn care advice, insect and disease diagnosis, and plant and insect identification.
  - Land Rental Information
Do you have questions about renting agricultural land?  Contact Extension Brown County's Agriculture Educator for help.
  - Landscaping Resources
Looking for advice on landscaping your yard?  Extension Brown County offers free consultations on lawn care, insect and disease diagnosis, gardening, trees, shrubs, and plant and insect identification.
  - Lawn Maintenance Advice
Do you have questions or need advice about your lawn?  Extension Brown County offers free consultations on lawn care, insect and disease diagnosis, gardening, trees, shrubs, and plant and insect identification.
  - Master Gardeners
The Northeastern Wisconsin Master Gardeners' Association is a volunteer horticultural organization working through the Extension Brown County office in Green Bay.
  - Nutrition Education
FoodWIse (formerly WNEP) at Extension in Brown County helps limited resource families, and individuals at all stages of life, establish healthy eating habits and a physically active lifestyle to increase food security and prevent or postpone nutrition-related chronic disease.
  - Pesticide Applicator Test
Do you plan on using a Restricted Use Pesticide (RUP) AND produce an agricultural commodity on your property or your employers property? If yes to both of these, then you are a Private Applicator. Click for more information on getting your PAT license.
  - Plant & Plant Disease ID
Do you have a plant or shrub that you are curious about? Do you think your plant is sick?  Would you like something identified? We can help! Extension Brown County offers free consultations on lawn care advice, insect and disease diagnosis, and plant and insect identification.
  - Publications - Extension Brown County
Click to visit the Extension Learning Store. 
  - Scale Rental
For farmers market use, scales are available to rent through FoodWIse for six months (May-October). 
  - Shrub Information
Looking for help with your shrubs?  Extension Brown County offers free consultations on lawn care, insect and disease diagnosis, gardening, trees, shrubs, and plant and insect identification.
  - Soil Testing
One of the first steps to successful lawn and gardening is having your soil tested. A soil test provides more information about the nutrient status of your garden soil, pH level, organic matter content and texture.
  - Soil Testing
One of the first steps to successful lawn and gardening is having your soil tested. A soil test provides more information about the nutrient status of your garden soil, pH level, organic matter content and texture.
  - Tree & Tree Disease ID
Do you have a question about a tree or tree disease? Extension Brown County offers free consultations and can help!
  - 211 Community Services Database
On-line searchable resource database listing nonprofit and government services.  Maintained through a partnership between United Way 211, ADRC of Brown County, and the Crisis Center. 
  - ACCESS Website and Application
The state of Wisconsin provides both a website and app to help you connect to programs for health, nutrition, child care and employment
  - Accident -Self Report
Report a vehichle accident where no officers responded on scene.
  - Accident Report Online Search
Accident reports are available online for calls taken by The Brown County Sheriff's Office
  - Addressing
The Planning Department issues addresses for new houses or structures planned to be built in the towns of Green Bay, Eaton, Pittsfield, New Denmark, Holland, and Glenmore.  All other municipalities in Brown County handle their own addressing and each individual community should be contacted when locating in municipalities other than the towns listed above.
  - Adult Protective Services
What to do if you believe an adult or elder at risk is experiencing abuse, neglect, self-neglect or financial exploitation.
  - Alcohol and Other Drug Abuse Services
Learn what services are available to adults challenged by alcohol or other drug abuse

Sobriety / Sober Green Bay
  - Bay Lake Consortium Call Center
The Bay Lake Consortium Call Center provides a convenient way to report changes and obtain information
  - Behavioral Health - Adult
Help for adults with mental health issues who lack the resources to obtain services elsewhere in the community is available
  - Beyond Health -AND/OR- Community Health Improvement Plan
The Community Health Improvement Plan (CHIP) is the result of a collaborative community effort to improve the health and wellness of Brown County. Beyond Health, the steering committee responsible for creating and implementing this plan includes representatives from local public health agencies, area health systems, and community agencies.  They then facilitate taskforces who develop and implement strategic plans to address each priority.
  - Birth Certificate
Statewide issuance of vital records allows any Register of Deeds office in the State of Wisconsin to issue Birth certificates from all Wisconsin counties from October 1, 1907 to present.
  - Brown County Golf Course Passes/Gift Certificates
Information regarding Brown County Golf Course Passes/Gift Certificates.
  - Brown County Jail Inmate Programs
The Brown County Jail offers a number of different programs to incarcerated inmates. 
  - Business Licensing
Licensing is an important way of keeping food, water, and tattoos safe for all residents and visitors of Brown County Establishments. Click here to learn more about who should be licensed and how to apply for (or renew) a license.  
  - Cadets - Sheriff's Youth Program
Brown County's youth program aimed at mentoring, training and preparing young men and women between 14-21 for a career in law enforcement
  - Car Seat Program
Brown County Public Health receives funding from the Bureau of Transportation and Safety (BOTS) to assist identified families with car seat needs. To find out if you qualify, please call 920-448-6400 #6.
  - Case Management
Case managers and adult consumers with mental illness work together to develop a treatment plan that best meets their mental health needs.
  - Certified Survey Map index (CSM Index)
This search will provide you with the Volume, Page, Map Number and Document Number.
  - Child Exchange Zone/Internet Purchase Exchange Location
Brown County Sheriff's Office provides a neutral locations for parental/custodial exchanges at two locations
  • Brown County Sheriff's Office 
    • 2684 Development Drive, Green Bay WI 54311
  • Village of Suamico Office 
    • 12781 Velp Ave, Green Bay WI 54313
These locations can also be used as a meeting place for internet purchase exchanges.
  - Citizen's Academy
Join the Sheriff's Office for a 10 week training course in numerous topics within the criminal justice field. 
  - Civil Ceremonies
To schedule a marriage with a Circuit Court Judge at the Courthouse, please call the civil ceremony line at (920) 448-4348 (If you receive voicemail, please leave a message and your call will be returned). 
  - Civil Process
Civil Process Division Deputies serve papers Monday through Friday from 12 noon – 8 p.m. 
  - Communicable Disease
The goal of communicable disease control is to reduce the risk of disease transmission through treatment, education and surveillance.
  - Condominium Index
This index will provide you with helpful information to perform a Condominium search in Brown County.
  - Counseling - Adult AODA
Outpatient Counseling is available for people who need an intensive program to help begin their recovery from alcohol and/or other drug addiction, but want to continue their normal activities such as work or education.
  - D.A.R.E. Program
Drug Abuse Resistance Eductation (D.A.R.E) is a program that partners the Brown County Sheriff's Office and the school districts in Brown County to teach area 5th graders about the importance of a drug free life
  - DA's Limited English Proficiency (LEP)- Language Assistance
Language Assistance.
  • Free language assistance services are avaialbe to persons who do not speak, read, or write English fluently. The language Assistance Program is designed to help Limited English Proficient (LEP) members with their language needs. 
  - Death Certificate
Statewide issuance of vital records allows any Register of Deeds office in the State of Wisconsin to issue Death certificates from all Wisconsin counties from September 1, 2013 to present.
  - Divorce Certificate
Statewide issuance of vital records allows any Register of Deeds office in the State of Wisconsin to issue Divorce certificates from all Wisconsin counties if the Divorce occured in Wisconsin after January 1st, 2016.
  - Dog Licensing
How to obtain a dog license in Brown County.
  - Domestic Partnership
Click link for more information on applying for a copy of a Dometestic Partnership or Termination of Domestic Partnership.
  - Election Results
Current Elections
  - Election Results
Archived Election Results
  - Emergency Alarm Permit
How and where to obtain an Emergency Alarm Permit in Brown County.
  - Energy Assistance (WHEAP)
How to determine if you are eligible and how to apply for energy assistance (Wisconsin Home Energy Assistance Program) benefits.
  - Fingerprinting
The Brown County Sheriff's Office offers fingerprinting on Tuesdays and Thursdays 1p-2p 
  - FoodShare
How to determine if you are eligible and how to apply for FoodShare benefits.
  - Found Property
Search for property that may have been found  or report property you may have found within Brown County
  - Fraud Investigation Services
How to report suspected fraud involving public assistance programs
  - Genealogy
**BY APPOINTMENT ONLY** The Brown County Register of Deeds office has records available to the public back to the late 1700's early 1800's.
  - Golf Course Book a Tee Time
Brown County Golf Course features a Lawrence Packard traditional golf design that is cut out of the woods. Hole #13 is our signature hole, a tremendous par 4 with two ponds and a bunker guarding a quick sloping green. Come and see why Golf Digest continually rates Brown County as one of the finest public golf courses in America.
  - Golf Course Find-A-Game
Are you a Single or Twosome looking to play golf? Want to find specials just for you? Let us help you save some money!
  - Grounded Cafe

What makes Grounded Cafe unique?

Through a job skills training program at the cafe we focus on abilities. The persons serving you are either older adult mentors or adults with a disability gaining job skills. Your purchase makes this possible.
 The branded Grounded Cafe "Ability Beans" are aptly named to show support of people's abilities first, disabilities second.
  - Health Care Coverage
Options for health care coverage for low-income, age 65+, blind, or disabled persons.
  - Hearing and Vision Screenings
Brown County Public Health offers hearing and vision screenings to over 60 elementary and middle schools in Brown County.
  - Honor Rewards
Honor Rewards is a community rewards program for Veterans.
  - Housing Choice Voucher
The Brown County Housing Choice Voucher (formerly Section 8) housing assistance program