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Kinship Care

Kinship Care is a term used to used to define a living arrangement where a minor child is residing with a relative. This can be on a voluntary or court ordered basis.

Eligibility Requirements:Is there any financial assistance available if I am caring for my relative's child?
The State of Wisconsin provides a grant in the amount of $254 per month per child for relatives meeting the eligibility requirements.

Are there any times that a financial supplement would not be available?
Due to limited funding, there is typically a waiting list for the program. Applicants are placed on the waiting list in the order their application was received. Once funding is available, the social worker will contact the relative to determine if they meet the eligibility requirements listed above. There is one exception in that children placed in a relatives home under a Juvenile Court Order are not subject to the waiting list.

How often will I have contact with a social worker if I am receiving the Kinship Care Grant?
Kinship Care cases are reviewed one time per year to ensure that the relative continues to meet eligibility requirements. If there are concerns about the stability of the living arrangement the social worker may have more frequent contact. Children who are placed with relatives under a Juvenile Court order will also have a social worker from the Child Protection Services Unit who will monitor the placement on a consistent basis. Social workers will be expected to visit with the child both in and out of the home on a monthly basis.

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