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Aging & Disability Resources
  - Social Security
The Social Security Act of 1935 established a nationwide safety-net for seniors and persons with diabilities.  Rules for these benefit programs are complicated and complex.  ADRC is here to help.
  - Transportation Options for Older Adults and Persons with Disabilities
Information about transportation options in Brown County for persons who do not drive.
Children & Youth
  - Shelter Care (Youth)
 Learn about how Shelter Care, a non-secure facility for youth 10 - 17 years old.
  - Rabies Control
When it comes to animal bite cases, we work alongside law enforcement and veterinary clinics to better serve our community. To prevent the spread of diseases like rabies, we provide education and consultation to animal owners and bite victims. 
  - Radon
Learn about radon, how it can harm your health, and how to get a home radon test kit.
  - Records Requests
Brown County Sheriff's Office Records are available for public release under Federal and Wisconsin Open Records Laws
Some types of records may not be able to be released because of such things as the “Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act” (HIPAA), “Drivers Privacy and Protection Act” (DPPA), and/or the fact that the incident is still under investigation. 
  - School Resource Officers
Brown County has five officers with active positions in our school districts. 
  - Search Real Estate Documents
Information on searching Brown County real estate documents In-Person or Online.
  - Sharps Disposal Locations
The Brown County Sharps Disposal Program accepts used household sharps at over thirty sites across the county. For non-household sharps, there are other services available. Click to learn more. 
  - Sheriff Sales
A public auction of property repossessed in the event of an unpaid obligation, and is generally done because a mortgage lender repossessed the property and will try to sell it. A Sheriff sale may be held for properties seized to satisfy judgement liens or tax liens 
  - Tuberculosis (TB) Screening and Testing
Information about TB testing services/prices, commonly used forms, resources